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Being OK with Boredom

1. Patience helps with your Skills

I remember making a Drawing back in 2010. It was this super realistic drawing of a Game Character I loved back at that time.

Spent 25+ hours on it. But I rushed it into completion for the most part.

And it was bad.

So on the very same day. I restarted the drawing. But this time, I took my time to observe and draw with patience. I spent 25-30hrs on that piece.

And guess what, that piece was WAYYY better than the first one.

Lesson - Draw and learn with patience. Not to a point where you are too slow or too fast, Just what's necessary and right for you. and that improves your skill

2. Be ok with being Bored?

One of the lessons Ive learned(still learning) from 100 days of sketching is boredom and the feeling of "mundane" is part of doing any project. If something is worthwhile, you'll go through all kinds of feelings on the path to completion.

3. Favourite Quote from last week

"No Hurry, No Pause"

So those are the three Ideas for this week folks! Ill see you in the next one :)

Take care


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