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An Easy Way to Draw Heads

1. A Lesson on Drawing Heads In case you didn't know. I've made a free course on drawing heads. This will help you learn to observe, study, and draw both realistic and stylised heads. And here's a 20 min intro lesson from it. Click here to watch it!

2. Consistency absolutely rocks I've talked about this already and I thought I knew the importance and value of consistency. Guess I was wrong. Knowing something is way different than being aware of something's value. I'm slowly seeing the value of consistency in my life and lemme tell you, it rocks! The way I became aware of this was, When I kept trying things, failed miserably at it, and tried it again with some 'consistency', and boy oh you! Now I get it.

3. Favourite Quote of the week "A really bad idea, embraced by millions of people, is still a bad idea" - Tony Dlauer

Best, Kesh. P.S. My New course 'Drawing Heads Made Simple' is officially OUT now! You'll learn about the Fundamentals of drawing a head in Part - I and Part - II deals with the individual features of the head (like the eyes, nose and mouth) and guess what!? It's absolutely FREE! All it takes is just 20 mins/day for you to go through and practice a lesson.

Feeling interested?

Check it out:

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