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1. My Illustration Process

Here’s the process break-down of my recent illustration.

Also, here’s the PSD/ PROCREATE file for this drawing for you to download. Enjoy! Click Here to download the .psd

2. Advice from a PRO artist (for the young and new) If you didn't watch it already, I got the chance to sit down with the talented ‘Derek Laufman’ to talk about various different things from freelancing to making comics. And when I asked for a piece of advice that he would give his own young self, he said ‘FUNDAMENTALS’ Yup! To focus on the fundamentals of art such as solid forms, perspective and proper construction of character is one of the most important thing a young/new artist can do. It can be boring, but if done, will be an investment for your craft.

3. Favourite Quote of the week

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago,

The second best time is now”

- Old Chinese Proverb.



P.S. Check out my 'Begin Drawing' Course from Drawing Camp if you're interested in a Free Drawing Fundamentals course that lasts 7 days and takes you 20 mins/day.

Check it out:

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