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3 Things I Wish I Had Done in University

1. 3 Things I wish I had done…

I had my time in college and I gotta tell you, it was indeed life changing.

But here’s the thing. I wish I had done better.

I wish I had…

- Done more projects

- Stayed away from Distractions.

- and have used my Mentors properly.

Here’s a video I posted today that delves deep into this topic.

2. 3 Step Colouring Process

Here’s this weeks episode of ‘KREATIV Juice’ and it’s about my 3 step colouring method explained under 60 secs ;)

As usual, you get the early access.

3. 🗨️ Favourite Quote of the Week

This weeks quote is something I’ve shared already, but this time I’ve made a little poster to print out and hang on my wall.

The saying essentially says that, the work we do does more to our well being than the results we get from it.

So, that’s all folks. I’ll see ya next week :)

Your friendly neighborhood artist,

Kesh :P

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