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1. Too many passions?


We all have this want to do everything. But that 'want' comes with its own flaws(you often don't do anything).


We need to pick one thing from the 'fantasy' of our mind, and apply it in the 'reality' of our world to see if It's as fun as it was in our mind. That's the first step. 


And that often involves a sacrifice at the beginning, to do just ONE thing. but by focusing  on something narrow at start helps you to try out a multiplicity of other things later on. 


But it all starts with ONE.


You can be the jack of all trades, but you gotta at least be a master of ONE. 


- Here's a video that helped me when I was struggling to choose between my passions

2. How to 'FINISH and NOT PERFECT'


How do you finish something rather than fall into the trap of trying to perfect it.


You can do that by 

- Moving fast

- Getting things done quickly

- Focusing on one thing at a time

- Focusing on 'Shipping' the project

- Knowing that this is not the end and you have another shot at this.


This is me trying finish my 10 part 'People Folk' Illustration project (one more to go!)


3. Favourite Quote from last week


“There is nothing more expensive than something free” 

- Japanese Proverb


 So those are the ideas for this week people! and Im having a blast writing these! 

a little late because I forgot it was already Friday.


Will be on time next week :)


Take care


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