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Have you ever wanted to

Design your own Characters,

but didn't know how?

If yes, then you've come to the right place!

Creating your own Characters and creatures

comes down to you learning the Basic Fundamental Principles of Character Design + the Essential Anatomy.

And in this Level 2 of Drawing Camp,

you'll learn exactly that!



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  • Start by Mastering the Fundamental principles of character design to help you come up with unique design from scratch

  • Proceed to master human anatomy in a simplified/practical way.

  • Combine your knowledge of the principles and anatomy to come up with quirky designs

Learn to Design Quirky and

Unique Characters

courses inside the level

Character Design

Principles - Part I

Character Design

Principles - Part II


Drawing Heads

Made Simple - Part I & II

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Simple Anatomy

Part I

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Simple Anatomy

Part II

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Character Design Principles 

  • Learn the core Fundamental Principle of

       Character Design

  • Learn to look at references and convert them

       into creative designs

  • Create Engaging and visually appealing characters

  • Understand the process of creating a character from start to finish

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Drawing Heads Made Simple

  • The Fundamentals of constructing and drawing the head using various forms

  • Converting the complex anatomy of the head into simplified processes

  • Learn how to draw the various features of the head

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Simple Anatomy 

  • The only essential muscle groups you need to learn to draw accurate looking humans.​​

  • Learn the appearance and function of different muscles.​

  • In depth and simplified understanding of different upper/lower body muscles.


Bonus Courses

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"The Character Design Process - Part II"

This course will help you solidify the knowledge of how to design your own characters and the steps involved in it from scratch along with providing you the skill sets that you need to master.

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Have you ever bought an Online Course and have failed to complete it?

Well, I have! and that's why I designed this to be 'follow along' PROGRAM. Think of this like one of those workout videos/Dvds, but for drawing.

Each Day's video has a Lesson and the Exercise based on the teachings of that lesson.


All you need to do is, Show up, Press Play and Follow along. At the end of 20 Mins, you'll be done!

How a  DAY  is Structured

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