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Level 1-Foundations

The 30-Day Drawing Foundational Program

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Ever wondered how to start and learn drawing the right way?

Well, that's what this particular level of Drawing Camp is about!

Learning the Fundamentals of Drawing should be the first step one should take in the process of learning this craft. 

Instead people choose to do other things


(Before Fundamentals)



(After Fundamentals)


One of the biggest mistakes people make when starting out is NOT FOCUS on the fundamentals of Drawing.

They focus on the wrong things such as drawing style, character design, and other complex topics, which requires them to know the basics

This slows down the process

My biggest improvement came when I doubled down on my Fundamentals

And that's what this 30-Day Program is all about. 

This program will help you lay the necessary foundations required for you to draw the things you want such a your own characters and worlds.

This will prep you for more complex drawing subjects

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HOW ??

30 Days


This process will take just a month to get yourself introduced to the fundamentals of drawing

4 Chapters


You start from the very basics and build ourselves upto new foundational skills every week.


All it takes to complete each Chapter is to spend 20min/day

for 7 days*

20 Mins/Day

How each week is structured

Learning the 

Basic Funadamentals


Week 1

Breathing Spirit

into your Art


Week 2

Drawing in 

Perspective with Forms


Week 3


Light & Shadow


Week 4


Chapter 2 is about:

  • 'Dynamic Drawing' is a simple set of processes, principles and practices  that I use to create more fluid and lifelike drawings.

  • It equips one to create more dynamic marks, line and shapes when put together, produces better results.

  • This creates a base structure for the 3-Dimensional forms in your drawings and helps breathe life into your art.

In Chapter 1 you will:

  • Learn the Fundamentals of Drawing from scratch

  • Start to learn drawing even if you've never picked a pencil before

  • Master your foundations

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In Chapter 3 you will learn:

  • To be able to draw things in 3D by mastering the Big 5 Forms

  • Learn Perspective to create drawings in space and with depth.

  • To morph and combine different forms to draw what you want

And in Chapter 4 you will:

  • Learn the Fundamentals of Light & Shadows and its effects on different objects and Forms​

  • To Understand different attributes of Shading & Rendering and apply that knowledge in a practical setting

  • Learn different techniques to render Light and Shadow

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Have you ever bought an Online Course and have failed to complete it?

Well, I have! and that's why I designed this to be 'follow along' PROGRAM. Think of this like one of those workout videos/Dvds, but for drawing.

Each Day's video has a Lesson and the Exercise based on the teachings of that lesson.


All you need to do is, Show up, Press Play and Follow along. At the end of 20 Mins, you'll be done!

How a DAY is Structured

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What People say:

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The First Chapter - 'Begin Drawing', a Foundational Drawing course will be available for FREE for everyone to try.

This course alone will help most people level up their because their art isn't up to the mark due to the lack the basic fundamental skills.

Link at the end of the page.

The Camp also comes with BONUS CLASSES

that are separate from the main chapter courses,

that are added to each levels.

The first Bonus Course - 'CHARACTER DESIGN PROCESS' will be available exclusively for those

signing up for the paid program.

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