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I'm Looking for Video Editors to join my Team.

 About the channel


At Kesh, we attribute much of our success to good visual storytelling, engaging videography, and the relatability/personality of Kesh himself. Our YouTube presence is divided into 3 Channels - Kesh, Skeshbook and Kreativs.

We are looking for passionate/dedicated folks that are smart and well versed in content creation - who has a good understanding of Storytelling, producing & editing engaging videos (and are looking to level up their Video production skills).

These individuals will not only fit in with our company values, but they will also be curious, ambitious, fearless self-starters who goes the extra mile to become the best.

If you think you have what it takes to be a part of our Creative Team, we would love to chat. 

About the Role:

We’re looking for a proactive, intuitive Video Editor/Producers who are able to help guide projects from shoot to delivery. You are knowledgeable yet open to new ideas with a hunger to learn. We push the boundaries every day and are looking for someone who wants to do the same.

What you'll be doing:

1. Creating High Quality videos for YouTube channels, online courses, and other platforms.

2. Create videos that matches our editing styles and quality standards.

3. Researching and producing new creative ways to constantly update and upgrade our working methodologies.

4. Responsible for project organization which includes: Shooting, Editing, Compositing, Audio, Graphic Design and File organization.

5. Responsible for deliverables, renderings and other tasks.
6. Following a script, storyline or screenplay for editing the videos.
7. Inputting graphics and Music to enhance the videos.
8. Create rough and final cuts of the f
inal video.

9. Color correcting, Improving lighting and faulty footage.

10. Working closely with the Team to present a final product that matches the Channel vision.

11. Overall responsible for maintaining a balanced and structured environment in the Team.


What makes you a Fit for the job: 

1. Work experience as an editor or a portfolio displaying the skills.

2. Knowledge in Adobe Premiere Pro (and Adobe After Effects preferably).

3. Knowledgeable of current workings of social media and digital video platforms and constantly update oneself to match the trend.

4. Good communication skills to ensure smooth project operations.

5. Detail-oriented, technical, and open to new ideas.

6. Thorough knowledge on timing, continuity and storytelling.

7. Ability to translate ideas into complete projects.

8. Flexibility to adapt with changing timelines and deliverables.
9. Willingness to learn.

Perks - Why Work On Team Kesh:

1. Competitive Salary.

2. The Best place for Learners and Doers.

3. Advantage of a small team to learn how the world of Art business works.

4. Ability to explore other lucrative opportunities within the company.

5. Goal Oriented peers.

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