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What is this course all about?

A Simple Course to learn

the Art of Drawing Heads

If you are looking for a Simple, effective and a PRACTICAL way to draw heads, this course is it.

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Learn to Draw the Head Stylistically and Realistically with this 2 part course from Drawing Camp



The Foundations of Drawing a Head


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Drawing the Features in a Head

What do you Learn?

Foundations of Drawing a Head

The Fundamentals of constructing and drawing the head using

various forms and in different angles with ease.


Simplified Anatomy

Converting the complex anatomy of the head into simplified processes to better understand and remember the details of the head


Features of the Head

(eyes, nose, mouth, and ears) 

Learn how to draw the various features of the head and apply them with various practice exercises. 



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The difference between Drawing Camp and every other courses out there is Drawing Camp offers PRACTICE. The other courses gives out the information and leaves everything up to the student

But Drawing Camp not only gives out the information but makes you do the necessary exercises and practices to apply that information in 20 - 30 mins/day.

After all, what's the use of Knowledge if you don't apply it?

14 days

The course is created in a FOLLOW ALONG format.

Just show up, press play and follow along

20 mins

a day

All it takes for you to complete this is 20 mins/day

How a DAY is Structured

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Includes Part I and Part II

If you are looking for an extended edition of this course along with In depth courses on Character Design

and Human Anatomy, Check these out!

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'Drawing Heads Made Simple Part 1 & 2' is part of a larger program called

Drawing Camp which is designed to level up your art.


This is one of the 14 different chapters on the camp that helps one start from the very basics and build their skills up to formidable levels with daily structured and consistent practice.

About the Camp...

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