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the goal

✏️ Learn to draw the right way by mastering the Fundamentals of Art

🌎 Learn to draw/design your own characters and worlds


🧠 Learn to draw from your Imagination

​⭐ Develop your Unique Style and tell interesting Stories with your Art

And that my friend, is the GOAL of this camp.


Learn the fundamentals of character design in 100 Days

100 Days
100 Lessons
100 Drawings


Have you ever tried to learn Drawing, Design your own characters from imagination, develop your own unique style....and Failed?

well I did. For so many years.


I was spinning my wheel around by

- ▶️ Consuming tons of YouTube tutorials which never worked

🎓 Buying countless number of courses which I never finished

- ✏️ And by "Drawing More" hoping to get better

  because that's what the PROs did.

None of that worked until....

I became FOCUSED, DELIBERATE, DECIDED what I wanted and started
my first ever


'100 Day Challenge'

Fast forward five 100 Day challenges and countless number of drawings later...
here I am.



Muruga (1).jpg



in a
Draw Along
Video Format

Show up - Press Play - Follow Along

This is the progress of our student

Deepali in only 7 months

Deeps before.jpg


Deeps final.jpeg


 Here's what she had to say about her Experience: 

"Drawing Camp changed my life. LITERALLY. I am the kind of person who never thought that she could draw. In fact, I only started learning Art in April 2021. 


Initially like any student, I thought Drawing Camp was just another Art Course. But I wanted to give it a try. Hence, I enrolled myself into the Free 7 days chapter of Drawing Camp.


I went through each and every day consistently and repeated every lesson twice. After the end of 7 days, I was SHOCKED. I could draw! 


From then and there, it has been a journey of persistence and determination along with the truly great structure and curriculum of Drawing Camp paired with Kesh's simple teaching style!


I can vouch for this program. This guy is an inspiration."

What I learned from this, changed me

and I wanted to share that, as a gift to my younger self.

And that's why I created 'Drawing camp'


Drawing Camp is a Structured 100 Day program that takes a person form the very basics to proficient levels of Drawing and Character Design Skills.

It does that through 100+Structured lessons, step-by-step exercises and follow-along drawing assignments that takes no less than 20-30 mins per day.


The Camp contains 14 Courses that slowly lays the proper foundations and then leads you up to more complex topics such as Character Design and Imaginative Drawing in a systematic way.

In the end, this program trains an individual to create 'Stylised, Imaginative Characters, Illustrations and worlds' in the fastest way possible by focusing on the right skills.

HOW ??



The Camp consists of 3 levels 

                1. Foundations

                2. Design

                3. Creation


Each level comprises different 'CHAPTERS' on various subjects of Art and Drawing



All it takes to complete each Chapter is to spend 20min/day

for 7 days

20 Mins/Day


Level 1 - 4 Courses


Learning the 
Basic Fundamentals

begin drawing thumbnail (1).jpg

Breathing Spirit
into your Art

Chapter 2 thumbnail.jpg

Drawing in 

Perspective with Forms



Light & Shadow

Drawing Camp - Chapter 4 Thumbnail.jpg

Level 2 - 6 Courses


Character Design
Principles Part I


Drawing Heads
Made Simple Part II


Character Design Principles Part II


Simple Anatomy Part I

part I.jpg

Drawing Heads
Made Simple Part I


Simple Anatomy Part II

Part II.jpg

Level 3 - 5 Courses


Prop Design


Environment Design

convert (2).jpg

Drawing from

your Imagination

convert (3).jpg

Finding your Voice

convert (5).jpg

The Project

convert (4).jpg

 Bonus Courses 

Character Design Process Part I

the character design course.png

Character Design Process Part II

Untitled_Artwork.jpg (32).jpg
Anchor 1
20 mins.png

Have you ever bought an Online Course and have failed to complete it?

Well, I have! and thats why I designed this to be 'follow along' PROGRAM. Think of this like one of those workout videos/Dvds, but for drawing.

Each Day's video has a Lesson and the Exercise based on the teachings of that lesson.


All you need to do is, Show up, Press Play and Follow along. At the end of 20 Mins, you'll be done!

How a DAY is Structured

Untitled_Artwork (8).png

What to expect from Drawing Camp

😊 Learn at your Own Pace

Enjoy learning at your own pace with Life-Long access to the Program.

💻 Expert Instructions

Follow through with each Exercise guided by clear practices, and techniques to improve your Skill.

🎥 High Quality Videos

High Quality video production so that you have the best experience possible.

What People say:

Untitled_Artwork (23)_edited.png
Untitled_Artwork (22)_edited.png
Pricing Anchor

Drawing Camp 




  • Access ALL Drawing Camp courses

  • Includes 14 CHAPTERS and 3 Bonus Courses 

  • Bonus Courses - The Character Design Process I & II, Painting Demo

  • Draw-Along Video Lessons

  • Watch Video Lessons at your own pace

  • Daily Bonus Assignments ​​​

Drawing Camp 




  • Access ALL Drawing Camp courses

  • Includes 14 CHAPTERS and 3 Bonus Courses 

  • Bonus Courses - The Character Design Process I & II, Painting Demo

  • Draw-Along Video Lessons

  • Watch Video Lessons at your own pace

  • Daily Bonus Assignments ​​​

 6 Month Money Back Guarantee 

We want the investment in this course to be an absolute no-brainer for you. So, if you watch the video lessons, complete all the classes and the Final Project, and still don't find the Program useful, drop us an email at and we'll happily refund your full payment of your purchase.

Check out Chapter 1 here

begin drawing thumbnail.jpg

The First Chapter - 'Begin Drawing', a Foundational Drawing course will be available for FREE for everyone to try.

This course alone will help most people level up their because their art isn't up to the mark due to the lack the basic fundamental skills.


1. How do I sign up?

Its simple! Choose the program you want to sign up (INR or USD based on your location) and proceed with the purchase. You'll have access to the program :)

2. Is this a Paid Program ?

Yes! Except for the first course. This is a Paid Program.

3. Where will it be available? 

The Entire Camp will be hosted on the website in a high quality, well produced video format.

4. How Long will I have access to the camp after I've purchased it?

Lifetime! Yup, you'll have lifetime access to the camp after enrollement.

5. Is there any timings?

Not at all. Drawing Camp is a self paced video program. you

can go through it at your own pace.

6. Is the Camp based on Traditional Art or Digital?

Both! the Foundations level can be completely done traditionally. Level 2 and 3 of the camp would help to have a digital tablet but It can be done traditionally with pen and paper as well.

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