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  • Learn to draw the right way by mastering the Fundamentals of Art

  • Learn to draw/design your own characters and worlds


  • Learn to draw from your Imagination

  • Learn to draw both 'Realistic' and Stylised form of Art

  • Learn to tell Interesting stories with your Art

And that my friend, is the GOAL of this camp.

Drawing Camp is a structured 14 Part PROGRAM that develops your drawing skill right from the very basics, to being able to draw and design your own characters and worlds.

The PROGRAM consists of various Chapters on different topics of Art and drawing, that are structured in the right order to help you develop solid foundational drawing and design skills.

Untitled_Artwork 4.png

The Camp contains 14 Courses, released every month, slowly lays the proper foundation and then leads you up to more complex topics such as Character Design and Imaginative Drawing in a systematic way.

Ive compiled all the Knowledge Ive gained over the past Decade and put it into this program in an accessible, digestable form. And this would be the exact program that I would give myself If I were starting out today, wanting to learn drawing the right way. 

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60% OFF for the next

HOW ??



The Camp consists of 3 levels 

                1. Foundations

                2. Design

                3. Creation



Each level comprises different 'CHAPTERS' on various subjects of Art and Drawing


All it takes to complete each Chapter is to spend 20min/day

for 7 days*

20 Mins/Day



Learning the 

Basic Fundamentals


Breathing Spirit

into your Art

Untitled_Artwork (22).png

Drawing in 

Perspective with Forms

Untitled_Artwork (22).png


Light & Shadow

Untitled_Artwork (22).png

Level 2 - DESIGN

FEB 2021

Character Design


Untitled_Artwork (22).png

Design Principles

Part 2

Untitled_Artwork (22).png


of Head Drawing I & II

Untitled_Artwork.jpg (16).jpeg


of Drawing People

Untitled_Artwork.jpg (17).jpeg
Untitled_Artwork (22).png

Simple Anatomy

for Drawing People

Untitled_Artwork.jpg (18).jpeg
Untitled_Artwork (22).png

Level 3 - CREATION

Prop Design

Untitled_Artwork (22).png



Untitled_Artwork (22).png

OCT 2021

Drawing from

your Imagination

NOV 2021

Untitled_Artwork (1).png
Untitled_Artwork (22).png

Finding your Voice


DEC 2021

Untitled_Artwork (22).png

The Finale!


DEC 2021

New Course released every month!

20 mins.png

Have you ever bought an Online Course and have failed to complete it?

Well, I have! and thats why I designed this to be 'follow along' PROGRAM. Think of this like one of those workout videos/Dvds, but for drawing.

Each Day's video has a Lesson and the Exercise based on the teachings of that lesson.


All you need to do is, Show up, Press Play and Follow along. At the end of 20 Mins, you'll be done!

How a DAY is Structured

Untitled_Artwork (8).png

What People say:

begin drawing thumbnail.jpg

The First Chapter - 'Begin Drawing', a Foundational Drawing course will be available for FREE for everyone to try.

This course alone will help most people level up their because their art isn't up to the mark due to the lack the basic fundamental skills.

Link at the end of the page.

The Camp also comes with BONUS CLASSES

that are separate from the main chapter courses,

that are added to each levels.

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Pricing Anchor

Enroll Now!

Drawing Camp



  • ALL LEVEL Courses of Drawing Camp

  • Includes 14 CHAPTERS and 3 Bonus Courses

  • Bonus Course - The Character Design Process I & II, Painting Demo

  • New Courses will be delivered each month (till DEC 2021)

*Inclusive of taxes



60% OFF for the next

Anchor 1

Check out Chapter 1 here

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1. How do I sign up?

Its simple! Choose the which part of the program you want to

sign up for and proceed with the purchase. You'll have access

to the programs :)

2. Is this a Paid Program ?

Yes! Except for the first course. This is a Paid Program.

3. Where will it be available? 

The Entire Camp will be hosted on the website in a high quality, well produced video format.

4. How does the pricing work? can I purchase each course individually ?

Yes, due to popular demand for individual courses, we have introduced the option of purchasing the courses individually when the come out.

5. How Long will I have access to the camp after I've purchased it?

Lifetime! Yup, you'll have lifetime access to the camp after enrollement.

6. Is there any timings?

Not at all. Drawing Camp is a self paced video program. you

can go through it at your own pace.

7. Is the Camp based on Traditional Art or Digital?

Both! the Foundations level can be completely done traditionally. Level 2 and 3 of the camp would help to have a digital tablet but It can be done traditionally with pen and paper as well.

8. Is there a Refund Policy for Drawing Camp?

Drawing Camp is non-refundable, due to the nature of the program being digital with significant value and the inability to actually 'return' a physical product.

With that said, you can check out the Free Chapter (Begin Drawing) to get an idea for the kind of quality and information we offer.

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