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Learn to Draw and Design your own Characters...

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Learn the Core sets of principles that helps you design your own characters

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Drawing your characters,
now made simple

Wanting to draw your own characters might seem complicated, but its not.

It can be  very simple when you master the core fundamental principles of character design.

Master the Principles, Master Character Design

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Principles guides us as Human Beings. It dictates what we do and gives us a compass for our actions.

Like that, the Principles of Character Design can give us a structured approach to the chaotic process of Character Design.

Each Principle gives us a pathway to bring our ideas and stories to life through our characters

7 Key Design Principles

This course goes through 7 Character Design principles + a whole bunch of techniques, tricks and processes I've used to create

my own characters over the years.

Daily Lessons + Structured Exercises

Just like every other chapter on Drawing Camp, the lessons of this course are structured in a daily format with 25+ Lessons along with various structured Drawing exercises that helps you master the craft of Character Design.

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7 days

The course is created in a FOLLOW ALONG format.

Just show up, press play and follow along

20 mins

a day

All it takes for you to complete this is 20 mins/day

How a DAY is Structured

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This Course will help you to...

  • Learn the core Fundamental Principle of Character Design

  • Learn to look at references and convert them into creative designs

  • Create Engaging and visually appealing characters

  • Understand the process of creating a character from start to finish

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'Character Design Principles Part 1 & 2' is part of a larger program called

Drawing Camp which is designed to level up your art.


This is one of the 14 different chapters on the camp that helps one start from the very basics and build their skills up to formidable levels with daily structured and consistent practice.

About the Camp...

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