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Part I & Part II


How To Design Your Own Characters?

Well, That's what this course is all about.


'Character Design Process' is an in-depth look into the process of Character Design.


The Course takes you through the journey of creating your character from start to finish and walks you through every step of the way that's involved in the design process.

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The Character Design process can be a daunting thing if you don't know how to approach it.


So this course was therefore designed to take you through what it takes to create a character and make you do your own design projects through carefully structured assignments.

And before you even know it, you would have created and finished your own design.

      What do you get?

  •  Fundamentals of Character Design Process

  •  Step-by-Step process of creating your own characters

  •  Core Character Design Principles to design your own characters

  •  How to Ideate and land on your own character ideas

  •  How to research and prepare the right way for your designs

  •  How to produce a professional quality character design

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