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Refund Policy

This policy is applicable to our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee for 'Cartooning People from Life'.

we want the investment in the Program to be an absolute no brainer for you. So, if you have

- Completed at least 90% of all lessons of the program.

- Submitted a copy of all drawings made from the exercises of the Program. - Collected in a Google Drive folder

- Submitted your Final Project Illustration.

with the appropriate effort. Appropriate effort is defined as - intentionally putting in effort outside of one’s comfort zone in order to maximize results. This would include

- Not rushing the program,


- Doing the program once or twice in order to look at the results.

If we feel that you’ve not put in the appropriate effort to do the program, the refund will not be processed.

If you have completed all lessons of the program and the final project, you can avail a full refund by dropping us an email at

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