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1. When does this challenge start?

I will be doing this challenge as 30 consecutive days from Jan 3rd 2021.

But people who have enrolled into drawing camp level 1, or Drawing Camp - The program can start anytime now. 

The only criteria that they need to follow is that they have to finish all the lessons, exercises, and Bonus drawings of the day by Feb 1st 2021.

2. I've already finished drawing camp Level 1. What should I do?

You have 2 options. 

One, you can redo all the lessons, exercises, Drawing of the Day in level 1 with greater precision, or 

Two, use the lessons of Drawing Camp and draw from reference the images in this collection. 

Option two is what I'll be doing.

3. I've enrolled into the Free chapter in Drawing Camp. Can I participate?

You can participate in the challenge and draw from the reference images given to improve your skills. ( Link ) But you will not be eligible for the Challenge rewards.

This challenge is only for people who have enrolled in drawing camp level 1, or Drawing Camp - The program.

4. Is there a prompt list? (Drawing ideas list)

No. You can draw from our official Pinterest board if you've completed all the lessons in Drawing Camp level 1 ( Link )


If not, the daily lessons, exercises, and Drawing of the Day are the things to be drawn everyday.

5. I thought this was a 30 day drawing challenge! but you're telling me we can start now?

Yes! The goal of this challenge is to find a sustainable practice that you can do consistently. Hence, this is a 30 day challenge, rather than a 30 CONSECUTIVE DAY challenge .

You have the OPTION to do this 30 days STRAIGHT or 30 days spread over with breaks in between till Feb 1st 2021 (which is when you should have completed all 30 lessons)

6. Where should i post my drawings and my write up? 

You can post the drawings on your Instagram feed or in your story highlights. 

But you have to make sure whether you post it in your feed or in your stories. All the drawings must be posted on the story highlights under the hashtag #drawingcamp

This is to make it easier for us to track your progress.

7. Is there a hashtag assigned to upload the works we do in this challenge?

Yes! The hashtag is #drawingcamp and you can use it while uploading your drawings.

*The competition is subject to terms and conditions*

*This Challenge is open to the Students of Drawing Camp - The Program or Level 1 - The Foundations only

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